• Aborym Fire Walk with Us
  • Anathema (modern/indie)
  • Arka Sava 
  • Arcturus Sham Mirrors
  • ASG
  • Babylon Whores King Fear
  • Beherit / Impaled Nazarene boot
  • Blues Pills
  • Burzum Philosofem, Belus, all
  • Brutal Truth Sounds
  • Darkthrone 2-4, 9...all
  • Death In June
  • Deicide 1-4
  • The Dirtys
  • Dischange
  • Disclose 1st album, all
  • Dismember Indecent & Obscene
  • Dissection Storm
  • Dissober Sober Life No Way 
  • Drowningman RnR Killing
  • DSB
  • Enslaved most everything

Various ramblings...

You got 4 sale CDs for $5 and a shirt also for five. And you used the restroom. That’s a good deal.

This just in...Customer: I've seen that (starman) icon before, but I never heard 'Rush'.

Check the old Cryptopsy, Hypocrisy 'Virus' & Watch Them Die 'Bastard Son'  album covers. They all came out around the same time. It's basically the same cover art reworked in Photoshop three times.

Record wantlist: Execute flexi, Zouo single, Latin Dogs (MI.) single, NY Niggers 'Dresden' 7", Burzum 'Aske' 12", Dissection 'Storm' LP, Dismember 'Indecent & Obscene' LP, Antidote 7", Tyrants single (Bart Starr's son who committed suicide)...um, so yeah I would give really good trade value for any of those.  Also Misfits 'Cough/Cool'. I am not holding my breath.

It's weird how dogs wanna meet other dogs way more than people want to meet other people.

I sold Morbid Visions to a guy that said he liked Roots. That's gonna be rough.

I was in Target with my wife, her sister and her new baby. My wife’s sister was buying condoms with the baby in her arms. I said to the clerk, ‘These better work this time’.

I can judge the street traffic based on the Street Pulse newspaper vendor. ‘Make a donation to help the homeless?  Have a nice day.’  He has a really loud voice and asks everyone that walks by. When I don’t hear him, there’s nobody on the street.

I Like Vacuuming: Mild physical workout, pleasing noise, results you can see.

Go VEGAN! Not me, I mean you should.

One Saturday, 3 kids on 3 separate occasions, shouted to their friends, 'I found your band.' They all were referring to The Queers. It was WIAA boys wrestling tournament that weekend.

I'm at the Behemoth show and this girl I'm with wants to sneak backstage. I'm always up for that kind of stuff so I said I'd create a diversion. Before I could even think of anything, she runs behind the security guy. He spots her right off, shines his flashlight and even had to grab her leg as she's running up the steps. I slip backstage. I guess she was the diversion. Ended up drinking whiskey with Tribulation dude.

Kid looking at a rack of LPs, asks Dad, 'Are those calendars?'

Customer: 'I see that logo around a lot. Is Dry a good band?'
EW: 'Yeah, D.R.I. is good'

Customer bursts in: 'Dude, I'm looking for the heaviest, most brutal shit out there...like Pantera.'​

Psychic from other business in the building: 'Do you have the bathroom key?' EW: 'You tell me.'

So I have old and new LP jackets stapled to my CD racks as decoration. One is Celtic Frost 'Emperor's Return'. It came in used, damaged. It looked like a black, dirty pizza missing a piece. Literally, it had a huge missing chunk. I also have 'Hail The New Dawn' stapled up. I found it in a dollar box but it was very warped. Some people notice that. Most don't. Anyway, Emperor's cover is a painting with a couple scantily clad ladies and a topless demoness., but you know that. A dad and his son come in and the boy is just standing there staring at the jacket. Mesmerized. The boobs, not Hail The New Dawn. He couldn't take his eyes off it. LP jacket is about 3 feet off the ground so I don't how old that kid would have been. But yeah, he was staring at boobs at 8 (?) years old. 'Hey buddy, are you OK?' says the Dad, and breaks his trance. I have since censored the boobs.  

Some movies to check out:​

8 Man, A Place In Hell, Apex, Ator, Black Scorpion 1 & 2, Burst City, Cross Of Iron, Cybertracker 2,  Dark Angel, Dark City, Day Of The Beast, Death Machine, Demons 1 & 2, Desert Commandos, Crippled Masters, Devil's Rain, Down And Dirty Duck, Dreadnaught, Escape Velocity, Fantastic Planet, Five For Hell, Fortress 1 & 2, Future Kick, Ginger Snaps, Ginger Snaps Back, God Told Me To, The Good The Bad The Weird, Gunhead, Hell In Normandy, Horror Express, Hot Chick Stoner BBQ, Hybrid, Incubus, The Inheritors, Lifeforce, Liquid Sky, Marti Gras Massacre, Metal Storm, Miami Horror, Mr. Vampire, Moonbase, Neon City, Operation Fred, Oracle, Planet Of The Dinosaurs, Poultrygeist, Raid On Rommel, River Of Death, Savage Streets, Seventh Coin, Society, Solar Force, Spooky Encounters, Star Crash, Time Of The Apes, Tokyo Showdown, Trancers, Transformations, Turbulance 3, Vampire vs. Vampire, Vampyr,  Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women, Xerim, Xtro, Welcome To Woop Woop, Werewolf, White Dwarf, Zeram, Zombi 3, 4, Zombie vs. Vampire,

  • Bottles (active, fuckin still active)
  • Brass Tacks (don't talk shit or POW!)
  • Burial Hex (reclusive, last show recently) 
  • Deep Shit (broke up, opened for your Mom)
  • Faith Hills Have Eyes (nice guys)
  • Got A Problem (active)
  • Hatekrusher (broke up)
  • Jex Thoth (active, don't play USA)
  • Kinit Her (active, unknown)
  • Lords Of The Trident (new album)
  • Lurk Hards (playing soon)


Some movies to check out:​

What We Do In Shadows, 13 Hours, Spectral, Battle Of El Alamein, From Hell To Borneo, Casablanca Express, Train To Busan, Commandos, ​Raiders Of Atlantis, The Steel Claw, Vampire Happening...

Bands that were sued and had to change there names:

Green Jello, ​Reo Speedealer, Red Cross, Incubus, English Beat,

Submit one if you know one.

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I sold a bunch of stuff on Discogs one weekend including a Michael Jackson LP & T-shirt box set. I bought it on super clearance at Hot Topic and have had it for years. Paypal only tells you the item number, you have cross reference it with Discogs to see who bought it. One of the buyers was named Yolanda. I'm thinking, totally that's the MJ set. Yeah, she bought an Anaal Nanthrakh album.

Customer: 'We have to eat chickens and animals or otherwise there'd be so many of them, they'd be running wild in the streets.'

Customer: 'What are we listening to?'
EW: 'Funeral Mist.'
Customer: 'Sounds like Negative Approach.'

Years ago we were on the street and dude wanted that Jaguar hood ornament. 'Go get it.'. By the end, he's standing on the hood facing us with his ass to windshield. Just tugging, straining, getting mad. Frustrated, he kicks it and it shifted a bit. Turns out it was a screw off.  I think he made a necklace out of it. Poor Jaguar guy, his hood was messed up.

Customer: 'Oh, I need some stickers for my long board. They have a Guns N' Roses one.' (she didn't buy it)

Setting up a trade with a dude from Russia. I emailed him, 'I'll get back with you tomorrow.' His reply, 'In Russia, today is tomorrow.'

Kid, pointing at FEAR 'More Beer' poster, asks, 'Is that Foo Fighters?'

I had a used leather jacket for sale. A dad and his daughter came in and she tried it on. I wanted to sell it, so I was like, 'Yeah, it looks good on you'. The dad says to me,  'Hey man, she's just 16'. 

I saw a flyer from Best Buy before the holidays. People have told me they don't have a lot of CDs anymore. The entire thing featured only 5 CDs. One was Johnny Mathis Christmas blah, blah, blah, the other four were Metallica, Korn, Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold. Granted, those are more mainstream bands but fuckin A, metal and punk rule music.

Records & bands that I like...

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  • Execute (Japan)
  • The Faceless
  • Foetopsy In the Bathroom
  • G-Zet
  • G.I.S.M.
  • Hellacopters Grace Of God
  • Immortal At The Heart, most others 
  • Inepsy City Weapons
  • (I)NC Armed Love, most others
  • INXS
  • Iwrestledabearonce Late
  • Judas Priest (old)
  • Kuro all
  • Lacuna Coil Unleashed
  • Let It Burn
  • Malevolent Creation 1 & 2
  • Marduk Panzer
  • Mayhem Deathcrush & Leipzig
  • Meanwhile
  • MULK
  • Nations On Fire
  • Nine Shocks Terror Zen
  • NWA Straight Outta Compton