​PYROKLAST 'The Madness Confounds' CD barb616

​Following up their split LP with Wartorn, released by Profane Existence, comes Pyroklast’s debut full length. Recorded in Madison and mastered by Jack Control (WB2D) at Enormous Door. 9 blasting hardcore cuts. Unrelenting speed, power and political awareness. Vocals that go beyond typical hardcore guy yelling at you, but never cross into metal garbles. The drums never let up and the guitars offers some speedy Rn'R riffs. Reminiscent of the Voorhees at times or maybe, Nailed Down.

Carrying the hardcore banner into the 21st century, holding true to traditions but keeping things modern. Pyroklast has members that have played in many Madison punk acts, Deep Shit, Discider, Whorelord, Murder of Crows, Panther, Systemic Torment, Hatekrusher and more. They’ve completed an east coast and 2 west coast tours in the last couple years and are fairly fresh off their 6 week tour in Europe. Aside from bringing bands to town and setting up shows, locally, they have been invited to play with, among others, DRI, MDC, The Restarts, The Casualties, Krang.

Sadly, Pyroklast has broken up. Drummer Nick Styx formed the 2 piece Dos Malas with Mikey from Bongzilla, Anthony plays bass in female fronted early 80s LA style No Hoax and guitarist Brandon Bentley has joined Poison Idea out in Portland!

Cover art by Halsey ‘Halseycaust’ Swain (Toxic Holocaust, Krang).
​500 pressed $5.00

BONGZILLA 'Shake: the Singles' CD barb601

sold out (see barb612)


1000 pressed sold out

SKITSYSTEM 'Allt E Skit' CD barb603.5

1500 pressed sold out

FOETOPSY s/t CDep barb604

1500 pressed sold out

LITURGY 'Dawn of Ash' LP barb605

500 pressed sold out

NIDEN DIV 187 (LP & MCD reissue) CD barb606

1000 pressed sold out

UNDERTHREAT 'Deathmosphere' CD barb607

Melodic Swedish death by way of Columbia. Full of blast beats, slicing guitars and harsh vocals.  No keys, synths, breakdowns or clean vocals. Produced by Chris D. (Jungle Rot) at Studio One. Cover art by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity). Members are now playing with Blaze Bayley. $5.00

GET RAD / PROTESTANT split 7" barb608

Both are Milwaukee hardcore. Get Rad is full throttle, have fun hc with members from Since By Man, Kung Fu Rick, High On Crime & Seven Days of Samsara. Protestant is darker, faster with nods to Infest and Tragedy. 1000 pressed: $4.00, 100 on white: sold out.

FOETOPSY 'In The Bathroom' MCD barb609

2nd CD from this Milwaukee train wreck. 20 minutes of the fastest (human) blastbeats, funniest song titles and samples and some of the sickest vocals in grind.  They've played Maryland Deathfest, Death Feast (Ger), Central Illinois Deathfest, Milwaukee Metalfest. $4.00


A strange and haunting trip through some minimalist psychedelia much in the vein of Yahowa 13 or Frolk Haven. Clay Ruby (Burial Hex, Jex Thoth, Wormsblood) and Karen Eliot (Mumber Toes, Teenage Depression) spew slow, atmospheric psyche rock that is hard to define, hard to predict. Full color digipak. $7.00

HALF GORILLA 'Shameless Beasts' 7"

(split release w/ Halo of Flies Records)
500 pressed w/ 100 on green: both sold out.

DIE KREUZEN 'Cows and Beer' 7" barb611

Official reissue of classic 1982 Wisconsin hardcore single. Fast, pummeling and unique, this was out of print for 25 years! Cover printed on white or yellow stock, like the original pressings. Includes double sided lyric sheet. DK are now signed to Beer City. Sold out.

BONGZILLA 'Nuggets' CD barb612

Sold out.

MERLOT 'Insipid Emaciation' CD barb613

A mechanized, unrelenting assault of warped vocals, incisionous riffs and programmed drums. Cold and aggressive music for a world of the same ilk. $5.00

WORMSBLOOD 'Mastery of Creation' CD/LP barb614

Sparse and bleak outsider metal. Rumblings, clanging and tortured cries erupt violently throughout. Unhinged and dangerous.  Comparisons could be drawn to Armanenschaft, Blood of the Black Owl & the True Werwolf, both musically, as well as in the sense they use black metal as a foundation to explore darker, more experimental avenues.
500 pressed on vinyl. CD $5 LP $15

The ANTIPRISM s/t CD barb615

Mind and string bending stoner rock that pulls influences from the last 3 decades. Riff driven, stealing a bit from the NWOBHM, but easily with enough extreme modern metal touches to garner a spot in today's mess. Dual vocals, interesting and sometimes off kilter beats, double bass and great trade off leads. Melodic, cosmicly heavy riffs intertwine with urgent, angry vocals and occult lyrics. The Antiprism explores the fringes of the stoner spectrum. $5.00

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